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2017 Final Averages

BENTWORTH CRICKET CLUB AVERAGES 2017 BATTING Name Matches Innings Not Outs Runs Average Highest 50’s 100’s Rich H 10 10 2 415 51.88 87 4 0 Tim 2 2 0 94 47.00 72 1 0 Nick 9 9 1 238 29.75 93 1 0 Andy 10 9 1 201 25.13 55 1 0 Colin 1… Read more

Bentworth vs Overton II – 26th August 2017

Bentworth 182/6, Overton II 183/7 And so, the End is Near as the opening line goes from one of the many joyous odes from the late, great Sex Pistols (amongst others). However BCC decided this was the time to try and change the tune with an urgently needed late win, which, if the planets aligned… Read more

Bentworth CC v Easton & Martyr Worthy 2nds – 19th August 2017

Match Report – Apologies to Jane Austen It is a truth universally acknowledged that two teams near the bottom of any league table will, when encountering each other, play a crunch match. This, dear reader, is the tale of one such match played out beneath cloud studded skies near the fair town of Winchester in… Read more

Bentworth vs Donnington – 12th August 2017

Donnington 263 all out, BCC 217-8 It’s been 5 weeks since we last had a match, courtesy of one blank weekend and three wet ones. So what has happened since we were all last here? Significantly, Tom has had a baby, (well, technically his wife has) making the good Doctor a grandfather for a second… Read more