The Sun hosted a good evening’s beering, dining and reminiscing for players and Wags plus international superstar to present awards on 4th November. Skipper Nick led the presentations and all agreed that inspite of the results, many of which were pretty close but unfortunately went the wrong way for the BCC lads, it was a hugely enjoyable season from a playing perspective.

Massive thanks went out to Max and Pete in particular for all their hard work in keeping the pitch and facilities in great shape.


The BCC Oscar awards were made as follows:

Player’s player of the season: Doc

Captain’s player of the season: Benny the Fish (graciously accepted in absentitia by Ali)

Clubman of the year: Pete

Bowler of the season: Kenny McGrath

Batter of the season: Mr President


Honorable mentions in dispatches for New Ben, El Trev, Hazza and Old Jez.

Photos to follow.

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